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Gary Swinard
Album: Day Of The Hurricane
Genre : Easy Listening /Instrumental / Jazz/ New Age
Red Admiral Records
12th January 2012 downloads 20th Jan on iTunes

Day of the Hurricane is the second instrumental album created by Gary since he moved to the USA. 
His first ‘After Five’ was recorded in 2010 and has been warmly received in the Smooth Jazz market.

Day Of The Hurricane was inspired by Gary experiencing several hurricanes during 2004 that passed over his home in Longwood near Orlando, Florida.
He comments
 “Watching the path of ‘Hurricane Charlie’ on TV and then to see the formation of the extraordinary clouds followed by the tremendous wind force was very scary.”

The album starts with the musical piece ‘Earths Sunrise’ a powerful interpretation that has you visualizing a beautiful Red Sky washing into the blue atmosphere and covering the horizon.  ‘A sight hard to describe ’.  The album then flows with tracks ‘The Clouds’ ‘The Storm’ ‘Tranquillity’ ‘Rain Dance’ ‘El Nino’ ‘Earths Sunset’ ‘After Dark’ and ‘Night”.
Bonus track ‘Save the Whales’ was inspired by his passion on the extinction of the Hump Back Whale’.

This ‘Mellow Dramatic’ CD features Gary’s guitar skills, from powerful rock guitar licks to soft electric and acoustic melodies in a very noticeable style.  “Like Eric Clapton” he says “all you need to hear is a couple of notes and you know it is Eric”.  Gary hopes that listeners will feel the same way about his playing and will follow the musical story.

A promotional video featuring a snap shot of each track on the album has been recorded in a close association with Orlando Tech, Orlando’s premier film and digital audio college.  Gary is extremely flattered by the college adopting his music for their students to learn the art of filmmaking and TV production.  In addition to the promotional video the college took the film crew out on location to ‘Big Tree Park’ in Longwood and filmed Gary’s tune ‘Rain Dance’ which will be released as a music video in early 2012.  Set in the rain forest, Gary invited members from Orlando Drum School (www.givingworldpercusion.com/) playing African made drums to add flavour to the film and track.  This music video together with the promotional video is to be submitted to the 2012 music video music awards.  Longwood City Council is also asking for footage as a promotional material for the city to attract more filmmakers to the area.

As for Gary’s musical journey, he was born in Ashford, Kent. England in 1951. His music career spans more than 4 decades playing guitar, bass and keyboards. He has worked alongside and in the company of many great icons that are still performing today. He is still performing with his US band Think Big Live’ that he formed 9 years ago.

This CD demonstrates Gary’s passion for making different types of music fusing rock with new age and easy listening genres.  For more about Gary and his music go to http://www.garyswinard.com/

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