Rhythm of Blues 
 'Jimi never listened to rock,
he listened
to the
Rhythm of Blues'

(Jimi Hendrix’s father in the film
“Band of Gypsies”).

The Band


Band History and Biography

Rhythm of Blues are a bunch of fine musicians from UK, each with a great history and endless energy and enthusiasm to create fine music. Each year, the band tours with world top musicians, The Carl Verheyen Band, Jon Strong, Howard Worth & many, more)!! This enables all involved to revisit their friendships and indulge in a period of time where some stunning music is created. Classic Rock Magazine readers voted the Carl Verheyen Band/Rhythm of Blues show at The Classic Rock Society show in Rotherham, UK, best show of 2003, praise indeed. The guys have also been working with Carvin Jones in Europe. Guitarist Magazine voted Carvin into “the top 50 blues guitarists who ever walked the earth!!” Carvin has opened for Santana and BB King. Eric Clapton said of Carvin, “A young cat out of Phoenix who I think will be the next up and coming blues player”. Wait till he sees the “Rhythm of Blues!”

The band and individual members have worked with or supported a great diversity of acts in their time including: Bad Manners, The Glitter Band, Henry McCullough, (Wings, Grease Band, Joe Cocker, Jesus Christ Superstar), Hawkwind, Paul Roland, Winston & The Churchills, Carl Verheyen and Jeff Beck!

CD album "Moving On"on Red Admiral Records Now.


South London Theatre
Rhythm of Blues live review - Jan 12th

My first impression of the Rhythm of Blues was just how much better they are live than on their album. Don't get me wrong, I love their recordings, but the sheer pleasure they get from projecting their blues/rock vibe immediately gets the crowd on their side.
Their opening song 'Movin On' has a riff that would've done Keith Richards proud or any of the great riff makers of years gone by for that matter. These guys make light work of playing really tight.
Mick Brett shows his class as a vocalist as well as a bassist, singing and playing with confidence that comes only with talent and experience. He seems equally at home playing rock or funk rhythms.
Guitarist Andy Young - part Mark Knopfler part Timmy Mallet skips and hops funkily from a laid back and considered riff to a playfully manic solo. Despite Young's sore throat he did a brave job on the songs he sang and provides a good punkish counterpoint to Brett's more soulful persona.
In the background somewhat the keyboards and drums are ably manned by Phil Martin and Simon Jeffrey respectively.
Jeffrey's driving grooves and subtle fills really guide the mood of their songs and unless you're thinking about it you won't even realise it's him doing it.
Martin seems capable of becoming an entire brass section or providing bright funky piano riffs as and when neccessary. He turns a four piece band into what sounded like an eight piece for some of the songs.
An evening in the company of these four intrepid rock veterans journeys from blues to funk to punk and beyond. Sometimes they'll even touch on jazz and latin rhythms just when you'd least expect it.
A few truly epic ballads (including the hugely powerful 'I've Been Thinkin 'bout You') rounded off their Friday performance and left me wondering how the 'main' act was ever going to follow them. It's a sign of our times perhaps, that a band this good could be found playing a small venue but whatever the reason, make the most of it. I shared a great evening with a crowd who did just that. Not a still set of toes in the house!
Rob Kay.

Classic Rock Society Magazine
Rhythm of Blues live review, (25th November 2006)
Support slot to Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash

Tonight saw the return of Rhythm of Blues to the CRS stage for their third visit. A taut British blues rock band with shades of Wishbone Ash in there as well (no bad thing) these guys are more than just blues slaves however, with a strong set of material mostly culled from the excellent album Unsung Heroes (including the brilliant title track). Their infectious blend of blues rock comes with some great guitar and vocals from Andy young, keys from Phil Martin and ably backed by powerhouse drummer Simon Jeffrey and Mick Brett pumping out inspired bass lines. As a live experience Rhythm of Blues were fantastic!

Classic Rock Society Magazine July 06

I can honestly say that as a CRS reviewer I've come across some superb roots acts: Jay Hooks, Jayhawks, Tim McGraw, Walter Trout, Carl Verheyen, Alison O'Donnell and Isabel Ni Chuireain, Ashley Hutchings, Mavis Staples and Monica Queen to name but a few.
There have been some blinding roots gigs, too: lona, Miv Cameron Band, Walter Trout, Carl Verheyen and watch out for the return to the CRS stage of Rhythm Of Blues later this year
............. Dave Winstanley Classic Rock Society Ad.

Classic Rock Society Magazine, Jan/Feb 06

Rhythm of Blues - Unsung Heroes Review

A bluesy rockin' band that sometimes sound like Wishbone Ash and other times just like a good time British blues/rock band. You cannot knock this sort of rock because it has no weaknesses, no frills, no messin' around. Good vocals, great guitar, wind and organ. It's "a lovingly crafted celebration of British blues," according to the band and I couldn't agree more. Bands such as Rhythm of Blues play music for the right reasons and it comes through on CD and live on stage. Well worth a listen.
McCullough Crane

Classic Rock Society Magazine CD Review July/Aug 05

Rhythm of Blues - Moving On Review
Red Admiral Records

Buy CD
So, have you ever been to a Carl Verheyen Band gig? You have, then you have seen this band. Andy "Randy California" Young plays guitar and sings a bit too, ably assisted up front by Mick Brett on bass and vocals. Essentially, as the band name suggests they play some blues, but it ain't that "dead dog in the gutter" stuff, this is polished blues/rock.
The sound is supplemented in fine style by some saxophone from Mike Parlett and when they get warmed up there is a Latin feel in there too, aka Santana. Rhythm of Blues is a fine band that deserves a wider audience, but such is the politics of Pigeon-holing in music that attracting cold listeners is tough. If you're one of those cold types that might enjoy being warmed then check them out.
Martin Hudson

Unsung Heroes Downloads

The new album
Unsung Heroes


Rhythm of Blues - Unsung Heroes

As a result of the 04 Carl Verheyen / Rhythm of Blues UK tour, The Rhythm of Blues will be touring the USA in 2005. In 2004 band headlined one day at the Arrow Classic Rock/Big Rivers Dortrecht Rhythm & Blues festival. Ten Years After headlined the day after!

Dortrecht 2004

Alan Binclark RIP -- Feb 2006
We are sad to hear of the death of our oldest friend Alan Bunclark this week. Alan drummed for many of Kent's popular bands from the 80's onwards including the Breakaways, Winston and The Churchills and the Rhythm Of Blues

Jon Strong

as a solo performer has toured with Ry Cooder, Van Morrison, Robert Palmer, Talk Talk, Danny Thompson, Clannad, Has done numerous major festivals including Cambridge, Cropredy, San Bernardino Folk Festival. His band have toured consistently over the passed 11 years throughout the UK and Europe building a loyal fan base and achieving much critical acclaim as one of the tightest three piece bands on the scene and instigating comments like...

The Tower Arts Centre Winchester “No apologies! The return of one of the
best bands in the UK this time packing the long awaited CD Honest Soldier.
Top quality music played with total conviction”.

Bob Harris Radio 1 “Brilliant”

Johnny Walker Radio 1 live session “I don't believe you were playing live”

Tower Arts Centre Winchester “Kill to get tickets”

Fibbers York “Mind blowing acoustic guitar work.

Oxford Curfew “Highly evocative slabs of industrial folk rock.

After 11 years with the band Jon is now back to the roots of it all, playing solo.

Irish Centre Leeds review
“Jon Strong a living version of the real local blues that every poor neighbourhood generates.
Jon is a phenomenally good guitar player, with blues and R&B mixed in with much more English ideas from the likes of Martin Carthy and Nic Jones, producing a unique booming and ringing three handed style all of his own. His bitter-sweet songs steal the show from the funky covers of Jim Croce and Lowell George that he also does. His mordant wit cracks up the audience and reminds us bluntly of tonight's legends and ghosts theme. “Jim Croce has gone …
” Exactly timed pause … “Des O’Connor’s still with us.” And straight on with the song. Death, despair and fear of flying, all conquered through music and some tablets”.

Tom Robinson review Honest Soldier CD
“If this came out with the name Peter Gabriel on the cover you can bet it would be hailed as a major artistic renaissance for a world class songwriter. If it came out with an unknown band name and a picture of a bunch of distrait-looking youths from Bristol on the sleeve, it'd probably win the Mercury Prize. Listening to music as good as this on an Own Label CD-R makes me want to weep with frustration at sheer idiocy of the business we're in”. Tom Robinson

Original Rhythm Of Blues album Moving On at iTunes now.
CD available here at download price £7.99 + P&P

Date for your diaries….31st October 2011, BBC Radio, Roger Day

We shall be performing live for Roger Day on his show which is broadcast as BBC Southern Counties during the evening. We are proud to be performing with Howard Werth and Trev Williams who shall be playing a favorite Audience song as well as a Howard Werth & The Moonbeams song and some Blue Pulse newies! Having listened to the rehearsals, I can tell you that you are in for a treat!!
If you are in Southern UK you can listen on Radio or Dab. You can listen anywhere in the known universe by clicking HERE If you should miss the show, you can listen later on iPlayer by clicking HERE

The new CD will be called “Kebabylon” and shall be available from iTunes as well as a “proper” CD and details will be available as soon as possible. It features Howard and Trev from the Charisma band Audience who have both written and performed on it. Mike Parlett (Simply Red) from Talent International (LA) plays sax on one track and Cassandra Nicole Malaise (Paul Rogers & Queen, Joe Walsh, David Gilmour and many others) adds vocals to some tracks as well. There is talk of "Kebab & Burger"...the song, written by Howard which the CD is named after….being a single ….. So watch out!!


Latest Blue Pulse news for 2010
Howard Werth
Welcome to a new format newsletter for a new year and new band. All looks very exciting this year as the CD nears completion and show dates begin to arrive. We have some exciting collaborative work in the pipeline with some very well known names and shall be booking venues near you to get it all motoring for 2010.

The new CD will be called “The Devil Can Wait” and shall be available from iTunes as well as selected sites and companies. It will, of course, be available from gigs. We are particularly happy with this CD which has Howard Werth (Audience) on guitar and vocals as well as our pal from LA Mike Parlett on sax (Lu Lu, Simply Red)...thanks Mike! Robin Melville plays harmonica and really adds that special Blue Pulse feel to it. Rob will be playing as many shows as possible with us this year.

New Management
We are very excited to have joined forces with Ruud Jansen in the Netherlands whose company is guiding the band into the next stage of it's development and onto the festival circuit around the globe.

We continue to do our bit for radio and Chris Ashman was kind enough to do an hour's special on the newly opened RMFM the other night covering many years of music involving R of B musicians! Great fun reversing the trike into the studio and saying goodbye with 4 straight through exhausts! Thanks was great fun.

We were very fortunate to be asked by Dominic King (BBC Radio Kent) to do a series of jingles which are also on our myspace site. Some are parts of new songs and great little pieces in their own right. Thanks to Dominic.......tune in to his show between 10:00 and 13:00, you can hear it on the net so no excuse to our brothers across the pond! It was very funny to be singing "Dominic King" for a couple of days after recording them.........we normally end up with words and music sticking between our ears.....but "Dominic King in the morning" is novel!!!

The next shows are in the Netherlands .......... Cafe Schiller, Bluescafe and a couple of festivals. It will be great to see old friends and to tour, at last, with Howard Werth and be a part of rock history! We will be using Baukje Westerlaken from The Pat Savage Band on drums as Simon is touring with Letz Zep. Looking forward to this very much. We shall open with the full band doing some R of B songs followed by Howard solo adding musicians as the songs progress to culminate in a full "Howard Werth & The Moonbeams". Should be "one hellova show".

Howard Werth / Rhythm of Blues

Classic Rock Society - Bernard Law chats with Howard Werth of Audience and Andy Young of Rhythm of Blues about their collaboration

Red Admiral Records have kindly uploaded a video of us headlining at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone and playing with our pal, Mike Parlett doing "Another Topanga Coffee"
This was written in Topanga, Los Angeles for another friend, Carl Verheyen. Ironically, Mike is now running a studio in LALA land!

If you haven't bought "Moving On", from which this is taken, then go to Red Admiral NOW!

Howard Werth & R o B did a radio interview for Dominic King on Radio Kent which you can hear on our myspace site and 2 days later ......... another interview for Classic Rock Society Magazine. This will be out next month and will be a full page plus pics. Thanks to are doing a fine job. Watch out for Howard Werth and The Moonbeams, this will be exciting stuff. We are working on a new CD with Howard which looks to be our most adventurous and fine work yet. Howard is, indeed, one of the UK's finest songwriters in his field and we are proud to be part of this.

Rhythm of Blues Signature Guitar
The Painted Player will shortly have a R of B sig guitar ready for sale, and it's a beauty.
This is their description:"The guitar will feature an official Mexican Fender deluxe maple neck with maple board and black dot inlays, which is appropriately upgraded with black Wilkinson Deluxe button machineheads and the signature decals along the fingerboard's edge.
She uses a licensed Fender USA natural finish stratocaster body finished with the signature artwork (back and front), black Fender 3-ply scratchplate (and black backplate) fully wired with cream covered USA stratocaster single coils, 5-way selector switch and black knurled control knobs. Chrome Wilkinson Deluxe vintage stratocaster bridge with trem arm and all the essential elements of the signature model's 'look' and feel. The guitar will be availavle to purchase at £649 + postage and will include a FREE TPP Deluxe Snakeskin Hardcase just like yours. A hell of a lot of guitar for the money". Believe me, it will be beautiful. Check out the original on our myspace site.

We have new pictures uploaded and will soon have the BBC songs there for you to enjoy. Don't forget, join the blog to recieve updates.

All the very best
Rhythm of Blues -
Howard Werth -

Jon Strong
Jon has, for a long time, been a fave of ours, is currently singing some vocals for "Unsung Heroes" and is a most talented guy, take a look at this...

Log into our myspace site have a listen to new vocals on
"I don't Like Her"
by Howard Werth legendary front man of "Audience"

If I can convince him......I do hope to see him on vocals at some shows!

Little Theatres
After the success of the little theatres shows, we are working on a tour of the little theatres in UK with Messenger and our old pal Jim Covington and Del Newman, the last show was 100% fun and we really hope we can do it again...... where you can also hear the latest Radio Caroline airplay and see some new pictures .........(thanks Rob & Radio Caroline).

Our old mate Gonzalo Carreres has promised some work in UK with the cult band, Karnataka which will attract sell out audiences, we look forward to this very much and I look forward to the chance to work with Gonzalo.........been a long time.

World Tree
Andy is particularly excited by the new tracks on World Tree's new CD which we shall support as much as we can. I expect other RoB's to collaborate on this as time permits and John & Gretchen must really be congratulated on a fine album.

Unsung Heroes
Jon Strong, should have completed his vocal parts by now and the CD should be complete and ready to sell by hook or by crook!!!! In the meantime, you can buy "Moving On" from Here The page is well worth a visit even if you dont buy from it!

We await the revue of the Classic Rock Society show in November and will post it as it arrives. It was fantastic playing to such a great audience and we look forward to doing the same again this year. Thanks to the Clyde Bar in Glasgow for booking us and kicking off our UK dates this year. It will also be a blast playing on the Isle of Eigg where our bass player lives!!!!!!

To the next time...........and thanks to all who continue to make it possible to do that which life most certainly would be incomplete music. Thanks to our record company and friends, especially Neils, Paul and Chris.............and the most special thanks and love to the musicians involved in Rhythm of Blues. You are, without doubt, the finest band and friends anyone could wish for.

Rhythm of Blues are also presented a guitar Workshop on at the South London Theatre Jan 2007,
The workshop dealrt with guitar tone from fingers to amp and including an in depth look at the Motherload Speaker Emulator and a demonstration by Rick Cawley, the motherload man himself.

The Left-Handed Guitar Players That Changed Music By John Engel


Dont Like Her : Andy is another super-rare player. Like Jen Leigh, he is a right-hander who chose to play left-handed! His licks and chops are steeped in funky grooves and bluesy moods.
With his UK-based group, Rhythm of Blues, he has released an album entitled Moving On.
Check him out at and get the CD at

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Classic Rock Society Magazine, Jan/Feb 06
Unsung Heroes Review

A bluesy rockin' band that sometimes sound like Wishbone Ash and other times just like a good time British blues/rock band. You cannot knock this sort of rock because it has no weaknesses, no frills, no messin' around. Good vocals, great guitar, wind and organ. It's "a lovingly crafted celebration of British blues," according to the band and I couldn't agree more. Bands such as Rhythm of Blues play music for the right reasons and it comes through on CD and live on stage. Well worth a listen.
McCullough Crane

The Band
Andy Young (Rhythm & Vocals) Andy is a technician of the Fender Strat and is both a player and teacher delivering guitar workshops and clinics at such venues as The Guitar Institute, London. Through his friendship with Carl Verheyen, The Rhythm of Blues has completed three UK tours with The Carl Verheyen Band (Supertramp). Andy is a session player and has worked with Paul Roland, Max Splodges Brass revue, Henry McCullough, (Wings), Winston & The Churchills, Third Mind Records, New Rose records, Imaginary Records, Cold Harbour Records and many others. He has credits on many recordings.

Mick Brett (Bass/Vocals)Mick & Andy have been friends and song writing partners for many years. Mick goes back to the birth of the UK blues scene in London and is still going strong. One of Mick’s finest hours was playing bass for none other than Jeff Beck at an impromptu show and played “Hi Ho Silver Lining”. When Mick isn’t touring with the band, he is relaxing at his home on the beautiful Isle of Eigg, Western Isles, Scotland .

Simon Jeffrey, (Drums/Jokes) Simon and Andy worked together in another life with Winston Forbes from Splodgenessabounds, (no. 1 hit with “2 Pints of lager & a Packet of Crisps Please”)! Simon is a very fine drummer who is in much demand and who also works with Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osborne’s Blizzard of Ozz). A great technician and session player whose first love is touring and creating fine music.  

 Phil Martin, (Keyboards)  Phil is an incredibly talented player who also runs his own studio when not playing or teaching. His keyboards are fundamental to the sound of the band and Phil is a founder member along with Andy. A great guy who learns songs before he’s been shown them!!!

  Mike Parlett , (Sax, Windsynth, Piccolo, Percussion)
Mike is an absolute virtuoso from a jazz background and has worked with many, many acts including Simply Red, Lu Lu, Gabrielle and Stanley Clark to name but a few. His contribution to the band is great and helps contribute to the Jazz/Blues crossover in real virtuoso style. Mike is also a teacher, musical director and runs Talent International in London.  

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